Smith & Associates Real Estate Donates to Shadow Serenity!

We are so grateful for the kind support of Smith & Associates Real Estate and their CEO & President, Bob Glaser. Their generous donation of three horse trailers- one full size with a dressing room- will help us bring the animals to more people in our community. As a company and a personal donation, we also received a sizable donation to contribute to the care of the animals and run the organization.

Bob has been a friend of the program from the start as he was good friends with our original owner, Debbie Neuman. He recognized how therapeutic Debbie’s horse, Shadow, was and how much comfort she felt being near his side as she went through her cancer treatments.

Shadow Serenity was started to help others get the same relief, and we are forever grateful for the people that help us continue to bring the healing power of our horses to people who need it the most.

Thank you again. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and love for the Smith & Associates Real Estate team and their esteemed leader, Bob Glaser.

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