Our ‘Therapists’

Shadow Serenity has four magnificent “equine therapists”. Both the tangible and intangible gifts our horses give to our participants, volunteers and staff are innumerable and priceless. Each one of our horses are a treasure in a way that is unique to them; each, absolutely, has their own tale to tell.

We believe that if you were to meet our horses and learn their stories, they will capture your heart.


Shadow –

Shadow is the CEO of Shadow Serenity and belonged to Debbie Newman. Our foundation is not only named after him; but we are here because of him. Shadow is an American Quarter Horse. He is 7 years old at this time. Shadow loves interacting with people of all ages. He truly loves when we have parties and events at the farm; and loves being the center of attention. Shadow is a very sweet and sensitive soul. He is attuned to a participant’s feelings and fears. Shadow is truly a comforting and magical horse. He was instrumental in providing joy, comfort, and healing throughout Debbie’s cancer fight. He always kept a watchful eye for his beloved Debbie.


Noah –

Noah is the first therapy horse we purchased for Shadow Serenity. Acquiring Noah was a huge step for us. Noah’s previous name was Blizzard. You see he was born in a blizzard in Colorado. However, he provides such serenity and comfort for everyone in his presence that we thought Noah was a more fitting name for him. He likes his name too, as he comes to us when we call for him in the pasture. Noah is 5 years old and is a Percheron Draft/ American Quarter Horse cross. He is a favorite of most of our participants. Noah is a very mischievous boy and finds trouble wherever he can.


Yeager –

Yeager is the Prince of Shadow Serenity. Yeager belongs to Jamie Kay Weil our foundation co-founder. He has been instrumental in providing strength and comfort to Jamie as well as many or our participants. Yeager is a retired Thoroughbred race horse. He is a big boy at 17.2 and 10 years old. Yeager is a true gentle giant and gentleman. As most Thoroughbreds are; Yeager is sensitive and seems to be able to read your mind and feel your heart. Yeager is a powerhouse of a horse; but whenever he is in the presence of a participant he very soft and purposeful. He knows his job and he loves everyone.


GiGi is the Princess of Shadow Serenity. GiGi was the second horse we purchased for our program. GiGi is a palomino miniature horse. She is a petite princess at 29 inches tall. We adopted GiGi from the SPCA. GiGi was previously starving and abandoned before the SPCA found her. GiGi is 8 years old and a true joy to be around. She challenged us at first. But with the expert training of Mandy Finan she is a true therapy horse. GiGi visits people in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, assisted living facailities, and anywhere she is needed. She is a favorite visitor at the Bay Pines VA Medical Center. GiGi pulls a cart and takes her therapy job seriously. GiGi also has a full wardrobe of outfits for every holiday courtesy of her private designer and Aunt Kathy Jowett. GiGi runs the farm and we all love her dearly.