The birth of Shadow Serenity began the day Debbie was reunited with her horse, Shadow. You see Debbie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer December of 2013. She had just purchased Shadow and did not have a real connection with him. Debbie felt that with this tragic diagnosis she would not be able to care for Shadow. Debbie sold him after only having him for about a month.

Debbie started her chemotherapy treatments as planned. But, during this time Shadow needed to be moved from his new owners. Shadow was placed at my barn until we could decide what to do next with him. After Debbie found out that Shadow was nearby; she came out and was reunited with her sweet miracle horse. The relationship between Shadow and Debbie was very different now. Debbie was sick and Shadow felt it. He cared for her in a way I have never seen before. I witnessed a miracle. Debbie said to me, “I think I need to keep him.” I agreed whole heartedly.

Debbie and Shadow started to get acquainted again. It should be noted here that Debbie had very little horse knowledge at this time and could not even put a halter on Shadow without help. Shadow guided her through this with ease. Shadow helped her through her each and every task needed to care for him. Shadow was always keeping a watchful eye on Debbie. She was never out of his sight.

Debbie had major surgery in March 2013. She was not able to see Shadow for about eight weeks. The day she returned to the barn to see Shadow was a day before she was expected to return. Debbie could not wait another day to see Shadow. I remember this day so vividly. I was cleaning stalls as usual. I heard Shadow nickering in a loud and urgent way. I ran to see what was happening. To my surprise it was Debbie slowly and very painfully making her way to the barn. https://www.viagrapascherfr.com/viagra-generique-pas-cher-marseille/ You see Shadow was in his paddock and saw her coming to him. Shadow was ecstatic to see his Mommy.

Outside of Shadow’s paddock is log where Debbie sat to rest after the long walk to the barn. Shadow wrapped his big gentle head and neck around Debbie for a very long time. He just held her close. This image is on the cover of our Shadow Serenity brochure. Debbie would sit there every day and just be in the presence of this miracle horse. Shadow and Debbie spent hours in my pasture and in my barn. Debbie suffered through chemo and doctors visits, lab visits, nausea, severe weakness, and pain. Throughout it all she leaned on Shadow. Shadow carried her through the entire ordeal of treatment.

Debbie and I were sitting under one of my many oak trees and were discussing how miraculous horses and their spirit are to humans. These creatures have an ability to heal like no other animal on earth. Debbie and I both agreed that we have truly been blessed in our lives. We wanted to give back. Shadow Serenity was created. Shadow is the horse that gave Debbie serenity.

The entire program was created under my oak trees and on the ground in front of Shadow’s stall. I must include the fact that Shadow had his sweet head in between Debbie and I at every juncture in writing the program out by hand. Shadow has been our inspiration.