A Little About Gigi

Gigi is our miniature palomino horse and a real princess. When we rescued Gigi, she was starving and abandoned and a bit of a challenge. But with the help of an expert trainer, Mandy Finan, Gigi has turned into such an amazing therapy horse. She makes us smile every day with her character and charm. viagra pas cher And warms the heart of everyone that meets her.

When she tours the VA hospitals and nursing homes, the faces come to life with joy as they see her adorable face. And she loves the attention. Where there are people, there is Gigi wanting to get petted and loved on.

Her outfits are custom designed by Kathy Jowett, and she has a closet full. You may not have heard of a horse that gets excited to put on a beautiful dress, but that is our Gigi. When she sees her outfit and knows there is trip ahead, she is at her happiest.

She is an official ambassador of Project PUP- Pets Uplifting People. We love her and are so grateful she came into our lives!

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